How Color Effects Mood


Colors can have an amazing effect on your home decor, especially if you learn a little about the effects they have on people and surroundings, and use this knowledge to create a wonderful home for yourself and your family. While some colors will have a positive effect on your home, some might even have a negative effect, so it is extremely important to know which colors and color patterns will be just perfect for your home. Here, are some great tips and advice on how to choose colors for your home decor, and how color effects mood.

First of All, Do Not Be a Copycat

This is not a matter of moral nature, but rather a sensible tip. Namely, what works perfectly for your friend’s home will not necessarily be good at your place. The chances are that by copying the color scheme from someone else’s house you will probably end up making a bad decision and using a color scheme that will simply be wrong for your home. Therefore, consider investing some time into creating a color scheme that will be ideal for your home – as this is the only way to get it right on the first try.

A Color Scheme for Dark Homes

Homes that do not have enough natural light coming in through the windows are in some cases very difficult to decorate. Without enough natural light, you will have nothing to work with but introduce a large number of lighting fixtures throughout the home. However, the colors used in your interior design will also have an important effect on the amount of light in your home. Light colors tend to reflect what light there is, hence having a positive effect on the general light levels in a home. Therefore, make sure you choose light colors for your home if there isn’t enough natural light coming through the windows.

Dark Rugs and Light Colors – the Perfect Combination

Creating a contrast between your floors and walls can be a great idea, especially if you choose to make your floors dark and your walls bright. You can buy dark-colored rugs and match them with light-colored walls, as this is a combination that will ooze style and comfort, as well as luxury. If you go one step further and buy high-quality wool rugs, you will end up having made a decision that will make your home stylish, comfortable, and easy on your bare feet.

Coloring Your Walls Differently

A great trick related to coloring the walls in your home is choosing to use different colors on the walls in a room. Namely, choosing one wall to be predominant and coloring it differently than the other walls in the room will create an interesting effect, and it will help you decorate your home without investing a lot of time or money into it. The accent wall can be painted in the same color as the other walls but in a different shade, or you can even choose to use a completely different color for this wall. Just remember to follow the basic color scheme you have in your home, and you will not make a bad decision.



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