Shades VS. Tints


Painting is one of the finest forms of the art that has existed since time immemorial. Like any other field of art or other, painting has different concepts and terminology that a painter has to understand before beginning to paint. By doing so he/she successfully conveys the concepts of his/her painting. It is needless to say that painting is an art of colors and color mixing. Once you know about different concepts you can mix the colors to communicate with people with your painting. This article is based on Shades Vs. Tints to make you clear about your understanding of color.

Shades Vs. Tints: What is what on the basis of color?

Shades: These are art concepts which are made by adding black to the primary or base colors.

Shades=primary color + black

When black is added to red it forms maroon color.

Tints: These are light values of the primary colors which are formed by adding white with the base colors.

Tints=Primary color + white

When white is added to red it forms pink color.

Shades Vs. Tints: Theory behind the categorization

Shades: Shades are generally darker than the original counterparts. There is no restriction on how much black you should add to the original color. Basing on your need you can create mix of bare shades, nearly black shades and extremely black shades. Shades have the power to destroy your colors for which most of the artists stay away from using these.

Shades are best known for deepness and mystery. Since these are pretty overpowering, these tend to create a masculine ambience in your painting.

Tints: Tints are generally lighter than the original counterparts. It is effort of the artists to give a touch of lightness to the painting by adding white to the existing original color. The lightness of the color can be minute, mediocre and extreme depending upon addition of white color. These are also known as pastels. The artists always keep the tints till the end to use these for the main theme of the painting.

Tints cast soothing spell to your painting. Along with creating softness, the tints create a feminine ambience. Most of the women centric advertisements focus on tints to make those softer and feminine in nature.


Shades Vs. Tints: Practice of creating Shades and Tints

* Cohesion of colors

This concept is generally used for designing logos of various brands. The sole purpose is to give the logo a unified look. Just a little shade beside the original color can consolidate the identity of the brand through the logo.

* Creating contrast

The best way to create contrast in a design is to use the shades and tints. This makes the design pretty scintillating visually. Suppose in a design, you wish to show both high and low temperatures, you can use these to create the much needed contrast.

* Dimension and depth

When both are used in ne picture they create an effect that shows various dimensions and depth. Suppose you wish to create a sailing boat on the sea, you can use shades for the boat and the tints for the water and the sky.



The main idea is to multiply the fun factor in the art which can be done by using Shades and Tints. In earlier times both were used separately but they co-exist to bring out the difference these days.

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